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7 Divine Laws

Swamiji`s book 7 Divine Laws to Awaken Your Best Self is based on true knowledge of the Vedas. In 2018, Swamiji introduced these divine laws when he gave the first week-long lecture series at radha Krishna Temple in Dallas(Allen), home of the international nonprofit organization JKYog. In this book, Swamiji presents these laws in a very systematic and logical order that allows us to understand how each law builds on the previous one. The proof of true knowledge is that we will observe how we transform ourselves from within by practicing the teachings of this remarkable book. “Like the laws that govern physical phenomena, there are also spiritual principles that govern the path of life. Knowing them helps us understand why success is so easy for some, but remains a struggle for others. Swami Mukundananda, 7 divine laws to awaken your best self. The 7 Divine Laws to Awaken Your Best Self as described by Swami Mukundananda are based on the true knowledge of the Vedas and are therefore irreproachable and reliable. He teaches us how to develop love for God. It also has many practical tools for stress management. Read the excerpt from this must-read book to increase divine awareness and stress management.

An essential prerequisite for spiritual success is that our practice must be based on a solid foundation of true knowledge from precise sources. True knowledge will help us develop faith in the basic divine principle—that God wants each of us to become perfect like Him. It has endowed us with infinite growth potential to reach the highest possible level of splendor. As our faith grows stronger, love for God will be strengthened. We heard these inspiring words from Swami Mukundananda ji, the founder of JKYog. Swamiji gave up his flourishing career in business to pursue the path of spirituality because he firmly believed that he was not the physical body of matter, but a divine soul whose purpose in life was to serve God, our eternal relative. Such strong, determined and knowledge-based beliefs will lead us to choose the desired course of action to achieve very valuable goals. The most important belief we will ever establish in our lives is that of happiness. But because of the widespread misinformation, we were looking for the wrong place. Learn about the errors in human knowledge and why divine knowledge is superior through the book.

When mentors are so necessary in the material world, it is even more important in the spiritual world to find the right mentor because of many pitfalls. Unlike the outside world, where one can see tangible results of its realization, spiritual growth is an inner journey on which progress is not immediately visible. There are also stricter parameters for a spiritual mentor – the mentor must not only be a theoretical expert, but he must also have overcome material obstacles to experience the ultimate truth, that is, God is recognized. Only the words of such a mentor can influence us profoundly. This mentor is also known as a guru. The Guru is not just a teacher. Wisdom cannot be obtained by the Guru through a transactional payment. When we surrender our mind and intellect and wholeheartedly follow the Guru`s instructions, we are blessed with the divine wisdom and ultimate perfection we seek. Spiritual elevation should be a goal, not only for one life, but for all lives. This is because the realization of spiritual enlightenment requires that you awaken your best self hidden in the depths of the subconscious. The eternal soul will not feel saturated with the fulfillment of material desires in the short term. He strives to obtain a lasting, ever-fresh and ever-growing bliss characterized by God`s divine qualities, and his pursuit will continue until God`s realization occurs.

In this quest, the soul traverses 8.4 million types of life forms as it travels from one life to the next. Having received human form in this life, we must use this extraordinary opportunity to accomplish the purpose of life, which is to attain God`s realization. Every time we train the muscle of willpower, it becomes stronger. Continued practice will allow the body, mind, and soul to connect with divine knowledge under the guidance of a true guru. An opportunity to learn the immediate application of this knowledge is to sign up for Swamiji`s 21-day challenge on the meaning of life, which discusses each of God`s 7 laws. To complement your knowledge, you can enroll in Swami Mukundananda ji`s daily Sadhana course, where it guides us directly and systematically to internalize knowledge and develop skills over time. You can also subscribe to Swamiji`s YouTube channel and watch the most amazing video lectures on the life transformation series. In addition, if we try to suppress desires, they will swell even more! The human mind cannot remain thoughtless, even for a moment. He constantly makes desires.

So the solution is not to put an end to unclean desires, but to redirect them to all pure God. The same desires become very uplifting and help us achieve our divine goals. Many saints in history have changed their lives, not by fulfilling their desires, but by elevating them many times by giving them to God`s pleasure in His service. In this book, Swami Mukundananda explains the 7 divine laws in an easy-to-understand way. With knowledge of the Vedic Scriptures and spiritual anecdotes that everyone can relate to, this book will allow you to become the best version of yourself. The Christian character and divine personality of Bhagavân Srã R㢠® makrishna are venerated and venerated in India today as the ideal manifestation of divine glory. His life was so extraordinary and unprecedented that in the 10 years following his departure from Earth, it aroused the admiration, wonder and reverence not only of all strata of the population of his own country, but also of many respected English and German scholars of the 19th century. Just as physical phenomena are governed by laws, there are also spiritual principles that determine the path of life. Knowing them helps us understand why success is so easy for some, but remains a struggle for others; Why some still put on their shoes while others finished the race. The beauty is that, like the physical laws of nature, the divine principles that govern happiness and fulfillment in life are eternally valid. One important thing to remember is that biblical knowledge is divine, while our intellect is material and therefore unable to grasp its subtleties. We identify with the body, connect sensory experiences to the body, and are connected to the body and its loved ones.

These are all obstacles to attachment to the Lord. When we are looking for material knowledge, most of us go through the bottom-up process that is subject to retesting, validation, and cancellation. The answer is an “Absolutely” determined! Shree Ved Vyas, a descendant of God, wrote the Vedas because he knew that the people of Kalyug would not be able to remember all the theoretical knowledge, let alone apply it effectively to make a difference in their lives. We must use the knowledge of God`s laws to understand how to fulfill the meaning of life. We must listen to knowledge repeatedly (i.e. shravaṇ) and look at it (i.e. manan) so that we can choose the course of action on the basis of a determined intellect (i.e. nididhyasan). Even when we are tempted by material or sensory pleasures, we must use the will to resist immediate gratification (i.e. prey) in favor of delayed but divine happiness (i.e. shreya).