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Law Student Jobs

Review and critique application materials and provide feedback to help students improve their applications. Generous self-directed vacation policy for full-time employees. We are looking for students enrolled in finance, business, and supply chain programs or related disciplines for internships in May 2023. While participating in the Student Associate Program, students have the opportunity to work with our staff to gain a comprehensive understanding of the business. With the location filter, you can find jobs by office location. Please note that location filtering also includes all jobs available nationwide. The staff law office of Cincinnati Insurance Companies in Cleveland, Ohio, is currently seeking a second-year law student for a paid position as a legal clerk. To be eligible for the Law Clerk program, students must be second-year law students who will become third-year law students in late spring 2023. Principles of criminal, constitutional and administrative law. Eligible law students may appear before the courts in any public trial or proceeding under the. You will receive a receipt by email for each application you submit. Your application will be reviewed and you will be contacted if the Office wishes to pursue your application. If you have applied for multiple positions, an independent decision will be made each time you apply.

SUMMER PROGRAM 2023: We plan to release our summer postings in mid-November. We accept applications for full-time paid internships and scholarships from the public service. Please check our website for updates on the publication schedule of publications. How to apply: Unless otherwise specified in the call for applications, all applications must be submitted online. Click the Adobe PDF icon to open the booking details for a specific order. Review the job description and job qualifications. At the end of the article, you will find instructions describing the application process as well as an embedded link to the online application page – please click on this link. Once you arrive at the online application page, enter or select information for all required fields, upload the required documents, and then click the “Submit” button to complete the process. SPRING 2023 SEMESTER: We will be releasing our spring postings soon. Please check our website for updates. SUMMER 2023 PROGRAM: We plan to release our summer postings in December.

Please check our website for updates on the publication schedule of publications. Subscribe to job posting emails directly from Legal Recruitment. Volunteers are also expected to conduct effective research and analysis on legal issues in the areas of criminal law and regulatory policy. Find a location: Click the header name to sort a column alphabetically ascending or descending.