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Legal 500 London Private Client

“A small, high-quality practice in the heart of the London Chancellery, with excellent practitioners and good work. David Draisey: friendly, capable, calm and reassuring to customers. Richard Kershaw: A strategically astute and experienced litigator in family and private property litigation. “Mills & Reeve has one of the largest and most innovative family law teams – many say it is the best and clearest firm in the field, with a focus on alternative dispute resolution, with exceptional lawyers and mediators and an accessible and highly effective negotiation and litigation style. They achieve great results for their clients while remaining very down-to-earth and pragmatic. “PMC`s retail client team has an impressive list of questions. The team is of very high quality, from partners at the top to new employees. Michael Cash is a partner with a well-deserved reputation. He earns respect and fights tenaciously for his clients. Sian Hodgson is a very competent employee. “Probably the best family law team in London! No weak link in the chain. Constant 5 star service. It is impossible and unfair to choose individuals because they are all so good.

However, Stephen Foster needs special credit not only for building this team, but also for handling his own very large and successful fall load so well. He is an extremely intelligent lawyer and thinks deeply about his cases and the best strategy to achieve maximum and optimal results. Toby Atkinson is also an excellent lawyer and is 110% committed to his clients, who go above and beyond what is normally expected. “The depth and breadth of knowledge within the private client team and across the firm is excellent. Partners really get to know their customers and understand their needs. The structure chosen by the team offers good value for money. There is a lot of empathy and understanding. Although they provide a modern and proactive service, their knowledge of the problems, especially for rural areas, is still valid today. Sarah von Schmidt – intelligent and has a lot of experience in trust and succession. She is very friendly and offers great support.

Bryony Cove – extensive experience particularly in advising entrepreneurs. Very calm and capable. Builds strong relationships with customers. “Clare Radcliffe is a true observer. Her customer support skills are second to none, even with the most challenging clients, and she is able to provide advice and peace of mind even on sensitive issues. She has a maturity beyond her age and is a star of the future. Kate Clark is not absurd and genius. “Catherine Bedford is an outstanding leader on the team and a wonderful defender herself. She is able to combine years of experience, which gives her insight and understanding of the dynamics of divorce cases, with boundless energy, motivation and determination that leads her to find the right outcome for her clients.

There are a number of rising stars on the team, including: *Mark Irving*Lidia Cantel*Eleanor Haidon*Helena Middleton*Polly Broad`. “One of the best teams that most people have never heard of. Alison Broadberry strives to shine a light on this team that possesses great quality, skills and charisma at all levels. Alison Broadberry – tireless, effervescent and charming, Alison is absolutely committed to providing exceptional service to her guests. Ben Harle – a rising star. Thoughtful, clear and concise – exactly what you need from a private lawyer. “Wrigleys has an established practice of the Court of Protection. You have an experienced team. The team also appears to benefit from other areas of expertise of this firm, including property, assault and private client practitioners. “I have always found Switalskis very responsive when contacted.

They keep the client at the centre of the proceedings and ensure that their voices are heard and their rights are protected. They seem to work well as a team, because if a lawyer is absent, I can contact their colleague about the specific client.