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Legal Advice Mexico

The condominium regime contains the rules and regulations for development. It also contains the legal documents of the property, including the location, description and dimensions of the property, including private units and public areas of the complex. The scheme also includes building or renovation permits, licences, plans, a common stock table and valuation. In addition to avoiding lawsuits and complying with NOMs, drafting local employment contracts is one of the biggest challenges foreign companies face when setting up operations in Mexico. Our lawyers are very knowledgeable about Mexican labor law and will help you draft appropriate employment contracts and legal conditions. Thus, you can be sure that the terms of the contract are correct and that your employees are connected to your company in the highly competitive Mexican job market. Trade unions are also part of the process and therefore negotiations are necessary, but with an expert by your side, everything will go well. We are happy to help. We know what works in Mexico and, perhaps more importantly, we know what doesn`t. We understand the law, the legal system, the regulatory environment and the broader global business context, and our advice takes all of these elements into account to help our clients develop successful strategies.

Lawyers not on the list These lists are not exhaustive. Many reputable lawyers have chosen not to be accepted. Therefore, if you choose a Mexican lawyer whose name is not on the list, you can check their legal qualifications and any complaints registered with the Mexican Bar Association. To protect your trademark from counterfeiting and counterfeiting, you must ensure that your trademark is not used by others, and you must take legal action against those who use your trademark without permission. Through research, you can develop a strong brand or service brand that other competitors struggle to steal. MEXLAW offers legal services to meet your individual needs. We assist you in the creation, validation and execution of all types of contracts, including construction contracts, partnership contracts, promissory notes, rental contracts, property management contracts, etc. Our firm provides legal advice and represents clients who have suffered physical, mental or economic damage caused by medical professionals in Mexico who have acted negligently in the performance of their duties and have caused serious injury, illness or even death to the patient. Because tax regulations in Mexico change frequently, adding to the complexity of this particular area, we provide up-to-date legal advice and representation, as well as federal, state or local tax disputes. New Mexico Legal Aid, which sponsors Law Help New Mexico, is the largest non-profit provider of free civil law services in the state. NMLA has dedicated its services to removing barriers to justice for low-income New Mexicans by providing free, quality civil legal aid and legal education for over 60 years.

Click here to visit New Mexico Legal Aid`s main website. WMP Legal helps you with specialized lawyers to comply with the existing legal requirements in Mexico. We are happy to advise you on all legal provisions and responsibilities and save you time-consuming and costly formalities. In addition, we assume responsibility for the Annual General Meeting for the adoption of the annual accounts as well as the preparation, examination and completion of company registers and the preparation of company or share certificates. We speak the language of our customers and complex problems are explained in a simple and understandable way. Our international team is a great asset: we speak Spanish, English and German. Mexlaw participated as a legal expert before the English court in a tort case in which one of our lawyers testified on the interpretation of the law in Mexico. Our corporate practice covers a wide range of services from corporate and corporate planning, corporate restructurings, start-ups, corporate governance, commercial contracts and legal advice to the day-to-day requirements of corporate law. With many years of experience providing legal advice and solutions to clients on three continents, we understand the importance of understanding local contexts, especially when dealing with companies and individuals operating in their culture and legal system of origin. Our in-depth understanding of Mexican foreign investment regulations and tax laws combined with our knowledge of the broader legal environment to help our clients identify potential costs and determine financial feasibility. Finally, our extensive experience in real estate litigation provides our clients with strong negotiation support and risk mitigation when needed. We provide legal assistance to companies and individuals doing business or buying real estate in Mexico.

WMP Legal is a German-Mexican law firm that is part of WMP Mexico Advisors Group. The law firm has been assisting medium-sized international companies in legal matters for more than 10 years. We serve more than 150 customers from ten different countries in Mexico. When buying a property, it is important to determine under what conditions the transaction funds will be held and distributed. In most markets, lawyers or brokers hold transaction funds on behalf of the buyer. This is not recommended in Mexico, as neither notaries, nor Mexican lawyers, nor real estate agents are certified by a government agency and cannot legally hold funds “in trust”. MEXLAW offers fully insured escrow services by depositing funds “in trust” into a separate special account with a Canadian bank. These funds are insured by our professional organization for an amount of $1,000,000 per transaction. If you wish to apply to New Mexico Legal Aid for one-on-one legal assistance for a New Mexico case or legal matter: We provide legal advice and represent clients who have suffered personal injury in Mexico due to the negligence of a resort, business, restaurant, mall, or other type of business. Trademark protection refers to the protection of intellectual property rights in order to protect a trademark against imitation and counterfeiting.

A trademark is an established or legally registered mark that identifies a manufacturer`s unique products and services. The owner of a distinctive mark may apply for protection of a trademark. However, trademark protection also requires that you use the trademark continuously. Law Help New Mexico provides access to legal information for cases and legal issues arising in the State of New Mexico. Please keep in mind that legal issues can be very diverse and complex. All information contained on this website is for informational purposes only. For individual cases or legal matters, do not rely on the information contained on this website as a substitute for legal advice from a qualified attorney. López Obrador`s government is currently working on many fronts, but the energy agenda (one of the central aspects of its political project) has undoubtedly received the most attention lately – and not without reason. In addition to approving amendments to the Electricity Industry Act (LIE) in the Senate last March – reforms that did not take effect due to a wave of Amparo calls from power generation companies – he proposed changes in the hydrocarbon sector in April to give Pemex back control of the market.