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North Kensington Law Centre Windrush

If you wish to make a transfer, please fill out a transfer form and send an email to: windrushjustice@southwarklawcentre.org.uk If you believe you are entitled to compensation under the Windrush compensation scheme, please email enquiries@southwarklawcentre.org.uk legal aid for immigration applications is no longer provided in the UK or overseas. This is a national case that involves all lawyers and legal aid centres. With funding reduced, we need to find other ways to maintain the survival of the service. Only about 20% of those who might be able to claim compensation have done so. Much of this reluctance is due to a lack of trust in the Ministry of the Interior. King`s students will support the Windrush Justice Solicitor at Southwark Law Centre (SLC). Students will help raise awareness of WCS through a series of community workshops and prepare claims. You will do research, gather evidence, and take notes and statements. We also provide independent judicial representation for hearings, provided we have a reasonable amount of time to prepare for the hearing. We defend cases that are referred to us by other representatives to appear at hearings. Well-prepared cases and full pleading in court are essential for a positive outcome. That`s what we do best.

We can provide you with in-depth advice, full representation and appellate advocacy to ensure we take care of your case from start to finish. Our work is carried out both within the framework of legal aid (for specific cases such as asylum and domestic violence) and on a flat-rate basis for immigration and nationality issues. Individuals may be eligible to apply for the programme if they entered the UK from a Commonwealth country before 1973 or before 1988. Do you have problems with the Department of the Interior questioning your immigration status, or have you ever been denied access to services such as health care? People can make claims on behalf of their parents or grandparents, even if they have died. The lack of progress by the Ministry of Interior in obtaining justice for those affected by the scandal only prolongs their already considerable suffering. In response, the Claudia Jones Organisation, the Windrush Compensation Project, the Jigsaw House Society, the University of Westminster Legal Advice Clinic, the University of Greenwich Legal Advice Centre, the London South Bank University Legal Advice Clinic, the North Kensington Law Centre and the Southwark Law Centre joined forces to form the Windrush Justice Clinic. Promote the Windrush Justice Clinic, introduce more legal and academic groups nationwide into the partnership, and support other investment and fundraising opportunities. No, you don`t. You have the right to submit an application without professional help.

You only have to pay the fees of the Ministry of the Interior. We will give you our professional opinion to determine if your application meets the minimum requirements and appears to be adequately prepared. This service is different from post office or municipal audit services because we can prepare our legal opinion based on our many years of experience and provide useful advice that you should follow before filing your application. A new court clinic has been set up in collaboration between the North Kensington Law Centre, Southwark Law Centre and several other dedicated organisations to provide free legal advice and support to victims of Windrush. We are open from Monday to Friday (except public holidays) from 10am to 5pm. In some cases, we may visit you outside these hours and, in exceptional cases, we will visit you at your home or other agreed location. Annie Campbell-Viswanathan, director of the North Kensington Law Centre, said the Justice Clinic would address this issue by providing a “one-stop shop for clients” that will help them with the application process. Sally Causer, Executive Director of Southwark Law Centre, said: “For decades, many citizens of countries within the British Commonwealth have been unjustly imprisoned, threatened with deportation and, in some cases, unjustly deported from the UK or not allowed to return. An unknown number of them lost their jobs or homes, or were denied the benefits or medical care to which they were entitled.

Shaila Pal, Director of the King`s Legal Clinic, said: “The Windrush generation and their families have suffered greatly from the hostile and racist immigration environment in the UK. Although the Windrush compensation scheme is a step in the right direction to correct the grave injustice committed, the system has many problems and beneficiaries need legal advice to access it. “King`s College London is committed to tackling racism and racial inequality. King`s Legal Clinic aims to educate our students and promote social justice, which is why we wanted our students to have the opportunity to help the victims of the Windrush scandal in a practical and proactive way. Unfortunately not. Most immigration, EEE or nationality applications are no longer covered by legal aid, regardless of your options. It has been in force since April 2013. “Our work began this time last year with a grant from the Legal Centre Network following the Guardians` 2018 Christmas Call. This allowed us to recruit Holly [a senior social worker] and accept clients. We have received more funding from organizations like AB Charitable Trust.

And as the months went by, more and more customers came and it became clear that there was a significant demand for the service. That`s when we started working together. We can provide them with free independent legal advice so that they can successfully apply for compensation that accurately reflects their loss and suffering. We have a dedicated immigration and asylum team specialising in UK asylum, immigration and nationality law. Our full representation fees are at a fixed price per instruction. You will know from the outset what the legal fees will be. No unexpected surprises at our expense, just a complete and transparent service from us so you can manage your finances from the start. Whether you want to extend your residence permit or apply for permanent residence in the UK, we can help you through the different steps. We are accredited by the Legal Aid Agency (LAA) and Lexcel to ensure we provide the best possible service.

Our immigration department has extensive experience, from basic immigration advice to ligation in the High Court for judicial review matters. Yes. All immigration-related fees include VAT, so there are no unexpected surprises later. Director of Clinical Legal Education and Supervising Lawyer The Windrush Compensation Scheme (WCS) was launched in April 2019 following a public outcry over the UK government`s treatment of the Windrush generation. The WCS offers compensation to those who have suffered losses because they have not been able to prove that they had the right to live in the UK. If you wish to file an immigration application or appeal yourself, you can arrange a document review service with us. Make an appointment with us and we will sit down with you and see your completed application form and the supporting documents you wish to submit. After reviewing the above, we will then advise you in detail on the circumstances presented to us. If possible, we make sure to provide you with different options and then give you our recommendations on the best course of action available. In most cases, we will also try to provide you with our details about the success rates of the options we present to you. The final choice is then yours.

Southwark Law Centre Windrush Justice Team with colleagues from the Windrush Justice Partnership No, they don`t. When we discuss the cost of the application, we will disclose home office expenses, our fees, and any other expenses that may be incurred. We will break down those costs so that you are clear. No. You have a dedicated case worker who remains responsible for your case from start to finish. In rare cases, you may be helped by another experienced member. This is our complete offer of advice/representation. Including the above, we take care of your case from start to finish. Whatever work is between you and us or between us and a third party in relation to your case (e.g. the Ministry of the Interior), we will take care of it at no additional cost. Providing records and representation to victims of the Windrush scandal Identify potential strategic challenges The Windrush compensation system was created so that people could receive compensation for their suffering. Claims could include: illegal detention and deportation, loss of employment, immigration fees and legal fees for unsuccessful claims, loss of access to higher education or international tuition, loss of housing, frozen bank accounts, lack of access to social benefits and health care.

Windrush`s compensation scheme has been widely criticised and investigated by the National Audit Office. A BBC Freedom of Information request published in May 2021 found that the average time to process a complaint to the WCS was 14 months. Another feature of the system was that initial offers of compensation were weak. There is a right of review and the clinic will assist claimants throughout this process to ensure adequate compensation is received. Shaila Pal: “All of these issues underscore the continued failure of the system and the need for specialized legal advice, representation and oversight from WCS.” These are the fees set by the home office and must be paid directly to the home office.