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Oaktree Group Legal Services

Commercial and civil litigation: It`s hard to deny that business and civil litigation can be very complex, creating difficulties that disrupt every facet of your daily life, from work to home. At OakTree Law, we are committed to defending our clients` rights in litigation by providing you with the kind of comprehensive legal support you can rely on to find a realistic solution that works for you. Our commercial and civil litigation lawyers can provide you with valuable assistance during this process, including efforts to resolve your issue through negotiation or mediation where possible to avoid the need for litigation. If you currently require representation for civil or commercial litigation and would like to discuss your case with a Los Angeles-based commercial and civil procedure attorney, we invite you to contact us today for a free assessment of your case. Use our free articles to stay informed and empowered as you begin the legal process with OakTree Law. OakTree Real Estate Lawyers 1050 Lakes Dr, Suite 255 West Covina, CA 91790 matthew@oaktreelegalservices.com 909-789-0276 Today, OakTree Law is a nationally recognized firm with a well-established practice group of 15 people. It is the lawyer who is filed with this transaction. Natalie Bassler State Bar License #210184 Email: nataliebassler@gmail.com I emailed her this morning basically saying that if I don`t receive payment in 2 weeks, I will file a complaint with the state bar association. She answered within 10 minutes and asked for my phone number, but hasn`t received a call yet.

I was hired by Nicole Green and when I submitted a follow-up email with my invoice, I was told they were having problems with their bank accounts and couldn`t send payment at that time. Basically, you can`t reach someone unless you leave a voicemail claiming to be interested in legal services. I think everyone needs to file a complaint with the state bar association so that it doesn`t happen again and again, to us hard-working notaries. It`s bad enough not to get paid by a signature service, but now we can`t trust lawyers either? Credit change: If you`re a homeowner in the Los Angeles area or Orange County who is currently facing intense anxiety and uncertainty about not being able to make your mortgage payments, and you`re looking for answers to legal options that may be available to you, you`ll need expert advice from a credit change attorney in Los Angeles — and at OakTree Law, We can help. By working with a knowledgeable credit change attorney in Los Angeles, you can free yourself from the stress that comes with financial hardship and possible foreclosure. We want our clients to have a thorough understanding of all the options available to them and we will strive to give them peace of mind about amending your existing loan agreement and work with you to take steps towards a more financially sustainable future. If you have any questions about the terms of your current loan and what can be done to modify it so that it is most beneficial for you, we hope you will contact our office today for a free consultation. Shortly after the firm was established, Ms. Villalobos added qualified lawyers in all related areas, including litigation, loan amendments, foreclosure defense, bankruptcy (Chapters 7, 11 and 13), estate planning and even tax services, so we can provide you with the most comprehensive solution to your mortgage or debt problems – handcrafted just for you. Because we offer such a variety of services, we find the option that really suits the client best. Since its founding in 2009, OakTree Law has grown from a small law firm founded in 2009 by bankruptcy attorney Julie J.

Villalobos to the organization it is today. We now specialize in a wide range of finance-focused legal services with a focus on providing individual solutions to each client. Our lawyers are professional and compassionate. If you need a lawyer for a personal or professional financial matter, you can trust our staff to assess your situation and find the best options and solutions to regain control of your finances. Watch our videos and see how we`ve helped countless clients struggling with financial, business and legal issues. Oh my god!!! I just posted a long article about the same company, but I didn`t want to put their name on it yet. Now that I see how many notaries they have scammed, I wonder if NotaryCafe can/should do anything to ban them from accessing NotaryCafe`s resources and continue to hunt down other unsuspecting notaries. That`s how they found me. Amazing story: 09.11.21 Nicole Green (nicole@oaktreelegalservices.com) hired me for GNW. I finished the job and sent an invoice by email.

60+ days pass and “Oh so sorry, we`re having problems with our bank account.” Request Ltr registered mail sent. Grill. Then on 15/02/22 received an email from Renée Berta “so sorry. The bill was paid by PayPal. Follow the link below. PayPal link was fragile and I sent the email back to PayPal`s fraud department, who said they would investigate. I contacted Renee again and asked her for a physical exam. I would check and try to file today, only to find that the payer had put a stop payment on the payment. Long story short, I`m certainly worried about the other IPs at the Notary Cafe who unknowingly take orders from these brave crooks. It has nothing to do with problems with bank accounts or someone using their name.

This is a habitual and systematic fraud committed by people who know exactly what they are doing. And at this point, I have no problem sharing what I know so far. The corporate names associated with these individuals are Oak Tree Legal Services at 1050 Lakes Dr, Ste 255, West Covina, CA 91790 – 626-593-0547 or 626-593-1309; Equity LG, LLC & Equity Law Group, LLC, 17211 Penacova St., Chino Hills, CA 91709 (name on check signed by [Ithink] Matthew Stanford). People associated with these guys are Renee Berta, Nicole Green and Matthew Stanford.